LudInc @gamescom

What will the future hold in terms of games? With our media library in mind, we sent our colleague Ulrike to the gamescom in Cologne. The world’s largest computer and video games convention ended last night with a record number of 345,000 visitors. The event was framed by the slogan “The Next Level of Entertainment”. In this regard, on technology in particular seemed to be pointing the way ahead: Virtual Reality (VR).

VR is indicating a bright future for the area of playful learning: Virtual classrooms with infinite space for students promises accessible education for everyone. Learning content can be experienced face to face. Wouldn’t it be interesting to give Alexander Bell a hand during the invention of the telephone? And with the content set in the context of the Virtual Reality itself, it can be processed and saved better by the brain.

Us being time travel enthusiasts, we enjoy discovering all the new technologies and possibilities that are coming together. We are already thinking about VR compatible learning games and apps that could potentially enrich our media library.

Until then, here are a few impressions from this year’s gamescom: