Professor S.

The Future of Learning

This is not a Presentation.

This is the Beginning of a Revolution!

Because we are combining an exciting story …

… with experiences in the real world.
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How? Like this:

And the Revolution begins with …



The most innovative learning game for 4th grade students.

We offer:

Serious entertainment via a secure platform.
Designed for children, endorsed by schools and teachers.
A direct dialogue between the children and the story.
Through the story, learning is connected to the real world.

Alpha version: http://zeitlabor.info

pupil login: vanessa.adams | password: 12345
teacher login: kolumbustest | password: 12345

Teacher Testimonials

Marketing and Sales

We have direct access to school principals and therefore to decision makers. 

Teachers are already recommending “Professor S.” to other teachers.

B2B Leads are generated at education trade fairs and conferences.

B2B Sales in the school market are organised by LudInc media experts who are already working inside the schools.

B2C Leads are generated at schools and amplified through marketing channels and targeted press work.

Business Model

LudInc revolutionises education with a unique combination of gaming and VOD (Video on Demand). LudInc curates for specific age groups – with the approval of state schools.

89 EUR/year

Simple subscription model for schools.

1,99 EUR/month

Simple subscription model for home markets.

0,49 EUR

Pay Per View model for films and games.

149 EUR

Time Portal: custom hardware for schools and home.

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LudInc – Market Potential

Germany is just the beginning…

174 schools

Break-even: 2% market penetration


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International: Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia

LudInc – Projections

(Germany only, based on 45.000 users)

projections EN grey invest

LudInc – Financing

(as of 02/2014)

Soft Money:

1,250,000 EUR confirmed

Want to join the ride?

The LudInc Team

team expo

The LudInc Partners

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Other Content Platforms

These competitors offer similar products but none of them match LudInc games. “Professor S.” combines aspects of competitive products whilst introducing an innovative feature to the market: The interaction with the story gives learning both meaning and context in the real world. This is the principle of our Real World Game

Entertainment and educational films

Microsoft Xbox
iTunes U

Learning games

Microsoft Xbox

Crowdsourcing or learning content

KLab Berlin


LudInc GmbH, Seestr. 96, 13353 Berlin, +49 30 91686886