For a short time, you have a chance to help us build a time machine that will transform primary school education. You have received a link to this page because you are a friend or have expressed an interest in "Professor S." So, if you already know the project, you can skip this page. For everyone else, please have a look at the videos below to gain an insight into what we are doing:

Our first fully functional Time Portal

We are extremely pleased to announce that we now have a working prototype of  the Time Portal. We have prepared a little sneak preview for you, offering a glimpse at our shiny new device as well as insight into the design process. Have a look at this video. Next week, we have some very exciting news about the new „Professor S.“ platform. So stay tuned! 

We made it!!! But there is more …

Dear Friends and supporters of “Professor S.”, thanks to you we have reached our first goal and were able to generate enough investment proposals to enable us to close the seed round. In this blog, you will be the first to receive updates on all the exciting project news as they unfold over the coming weeks. So come back frequently. Also, there is still a chance to invest as some of you have asked us to extend the deadline to be able look over the project plan in detail. We have reset the clock for you so you can send us your investment proposals. In the meantime, feel free to check out the financing progress on the next pages. A big thank you to all! And please watch this space – there is exciting news that we will announce soon!

What do you get other than your very own Time Machine?

  1. A Profit Share.
  2. Return on Investment.
  3. Regular financial updates and project news.
  4. Exclusive access to the "Professor S." beta platform.
  5. Access to a forum where your ideas will help shape "Professor S."

Find out all the details here:

Already pledged

1,250,000 EUR

Investment Opportunity

350,000 EUR

Funding Goal

1,600,000 EUR

Your Investment:

Recent Investments:

3111 days before
Anonym invested 20,000EUR,
"proud to be a part of this - all the best of luck!!!"
3116 days before
Anonym invested 200EUR,
"ich erhöhe um weitere 200! Nicht viel, ich weiß! Dennoch..."
3140 days before
Anonym invested 2,500EUR,
"To the infinity... and beyond!"
3141 days before
Anonym invested 2,500EUR,
"good luck !!"
3142 days before
Patrick invested 1,000EUR,
"Good luck! Lets change the world..."
3142 days before
Collin invested 1,000EUR,
"Looking forward to seeing where this goes and helping Noah out here in the States!"
3142 days before
Noah invested 1,000EUR,
"Very Exciting!"
3143 days before
Ram invested 20,000EUR,
"I think this is a great project and would love to see you succeed. Make me proud! :)"
3144 days before
Anonym invested 20,000EUR,
"I wish you all the best. It is a great project. And if you prove yourselves, I will invest into the next round!"
3144 days before
Frank invested 200EUR,
"Na dann... macht mich glücklich!"

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Chances are that we already know each other. However, let us reassure you again that your information will be kept strictly confidential. Making an investment in a German venture is complicated. That is why we only ask you to propose an investment at this stage. We will then contact you personally regarding your proposed investment in the amount of 0 EUR.

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