Work Package 9 – Editorial

Experimental Development – Staff capacity: 6,84 PM, External labour: 3.200,00 EUR

Goal of the Work Package in Overall Project Context

The aim is to create a significant guideline, which all produced and licensed content can use as orientation.

Results as Conclusion of the Work Package

The following film content will be developed and produced:

  1. report about set-up and comparison of framework curricula of the fourth grades of all federal districts
  2. feature booklet and editorial guideline for in-house productions and licensed media content
  3. licensing agreements with film producers and distributors
  4. licensing agreements with game developers
  5. first agreements with a scientific institute regarding the analysis of learning successes

Technological Risk of the Work Package

The difficulty of this work package is quantifying learning results that are the outcome of different didactic methods. The results from the test run of the school year 2012/2013 have shown that children with learning disabilities have had good results and efforts while playing “Professor S.” This encourages the didactic approach of playful learning and the connection of abstract content with real examples that are exemplified in the plot of “Professor S.” Scientific proof for this thesis has yet to be made. This is part of our overall goal and the plan is to start a cooperation with a scientific institute for this matter.

Description of the Work Package

In this step, framework curricula of fourth grade elementary school of all federal districts will be researched. The main topics will be drawn from the curricula and tested for their suitability in terms of the “Professor S.” platform. Subsequently, appropriate media content will be scouted, which then will be rated based on the quality attributes mentioned in work package WP9.3.

External Labour

Paul Karopka – Actor Professor S. (documentaries and game): 8.200,00

Work Package 9.1 – Editorial Office

Examination of the produced texts and media content, based on coherency, orthography and grammar.

Work Package 9.2 – Research of Framework Curricula of Fourth Grades of All Federal Districts

Both the promotional and the information film have the purpose of introducing and explaining “Professor S.” to the schools. While the promotional video has the purpose of raising awareness for “Professor S.”, the information film has to give a clear and simple instruction about how to use “Professor S.” The scripts for these two films have to be developed with great care, since they have to represent simple use and explain the functions to teachers (and parents).

  1. research of curricula of fourth grade elementary school for every German federal district, also considering special needs schools, listing, comparison and extraction of differences and similarities of the focus points and learning content
  2. main topics of fourth grade, sorted by federal district, listing and comparison (with statistics and frequency of the occurance of these topics)
  3. research of didactic execution of these topics in fourth grade classes of elementary school

Work Package 9.3 – Editorial Guideline and Didactic Guideline for Media Content

Processing of the results from WP10.1 and creation of an editorial guideline for “Professor S.” media content. Here, attributes of quality and contentual as well as stilistic criteria will be set. These will then become the standard for editorial decisions.

Work Package 9.4 – Licensing

In this step, contacts from our existing network of the film and game industry will be used to curate and acquire appropriate film and game content for the “Professor S.” platform. Agreements with producers and distributors will be worked out in order to allow licensing of the content for online streaming.

Time schedule WP9: