Work Package 6 – Time Portal – Production

Market Introduction – Staff capacity: 14,85, external labour: 0 EUR

Goal of the Work Package in Overall Project Context

The goal of this work package is to reengineer the time portal hardware under consideration of the results of the test phase and to prepare the time portal for mass production.

Results of Completion of the Work Package

  1. functioning, reengineered design of the time portal
  2. reengineered material list in accordance to the budget
  3. completed CE certification
  4. completed packaging design
  5. production of ten functioning utility models of the time portal and utility models of the packaging

Description of the Work Package

In this step, the design of the time portal will be reengineered followed by the preparation for its production.

Work Package 6.1 – Redesign

Here, the prototype of the time portal will be reengineered and reconstructed, based on the experiences and feedback of the test users. The final configuration will be documented, and reengineered with a focus on the safety and legal issues. Components will be tested for their point of cost and replaced if required.

Work Package 6.2 – Preproduction

In this step, production service providers to be assigned the production of chassis and assembly of electronic components will be contacted. The construction plan will, if needed, be altered to meet the specifications of the manufacturer. Legal and constructional standards will be rechecked. The final documentation for user and developer will be produced.

Work Package 6.3 – Support and Troubleshooting

In this step, the products and functions developed in work packages 5 and 6 will be accompanied with technical service during the introduction phase (Aug 2014-Dec 2014). This included technical support for schools and private home users. Problems with design, backend and frontend programming, as well as with electronic components will be documented and processed according to their priority, using online chat, telephone hotline or other support and ticketing system (also see WP4.4).

Time schedule WP6: