Work Package 4 – Online Shop and Administration

Experimental Development – Staff capacity: 19,88 PM, external labour: 27.317,50 EUR

Aim of the Work Package Within the Overall Project Context

It is the aim of this work package to produce a help and support structure for users of the platform. It is also planned to produce an online shop for the purchase of digital goods such as subscriptions, films and games. Furthermore, we plan to create a media and task management system for site administrators, as well as interactive documentation and help functionality for users.

Completion Results of the Work Package

  1. functional media and task management system for site administrators
  2. functional online shop for the purchase of digital goods
  3. functional support chat and online forum
  4. support ticketing system
  5. functional interactive documentation
  6. functional language editor

Technological Risk of the Work Package

Although the W3C „Media Source Extension“ stipulates the use of HTML5 Media Source elements to support Java Script-generated media streams, functions such as client side audio and video processing are still at the experimental stage of development and are not supported by all browsers. If the required standards are implemented widely enough at the time of release is unclear. To mitigate this risk, we are planning to continue developing the Flash application of the music sequencer. The desktop version of the “Professor S.” platform and quiz games shall also continue to support fall-back solutions that allow the display of content using alternative technologies such as Flash. The mobile version of the platform can be developed as a native application, should it become clear that an HTML5 version is not feasible.

Description of the Work Package

In this phase, we plan to create functions for teachers and administrators, which will allow them to manage content and gameplay. Content elements and game workflow shall be explained and made clear in the larger context of the entire game. Furthermore, it is planned to create an online shop, which will enable users to purchase subscriptions and content such as games and films. It is also planned to program a language editor, which will allow us to version the platform in other languages.

Work Package 4.1 – Online Shop

It is planned to program an online shop for the purchase of subscriptions and digital goods. The shop shall cater to two categories of customers: schools and home users. Schools will be offered yearly subscriptions at basic and premium levels. Home users will be offered yearly and monthly subscriptions at basic, plus and premium levels. For home users the following subscription levels will be made available. Movie content will be sold as Pay Per View and Pay To Own download options. Game content is Pay Per Use and will be provided for pre-defined periods on a rental fee basis. The PPV/PPU function requires the integration of micro-payments which should be made available through an “in -game purchase” feature where a “token” is transmitted to the payment processor that triggers the actual payment. The store function should be integrated via modular “add-on” elements. The development of relevant APIs is planned to that end (see WP1.2 ). Supported payment methods will be:

1. PayPal
2. Sofortüberweisung and Direct Debit
3. Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)

Work Package 4.2 – User Interface for Administrators and CMS

Administrator user interface:
It is planned to develop a user interface to allow site administrators to manage media and task content. Administrators will be able to easily add messages, tasks and content and tag tasks content according to subjects.

Teacher admin interface:
A function will be developed where teachers can incorporate their own messages and tasks into the game and optionally share them with teachers at other schools. The required functions are:

1. Edit messages
2. Create messages
3. Create tasks
4. Publish messages (requires manual admin review and approval)
5. Publish tasks (requires manual admin review and approval)


A CMS will be implemented to handle assets such as pictures, texts and static video and should include functions to manage:

1. File upload
2. Editing content (wysiwyg)
3. Managing static media

Work Package 4.3 – Interactive Documentation

In this step, we will create a help and documentation system for students, parents and teachers to illustrate the functions of the game and provide a single point of contact for support enquiries. “Professor S.” is fairly new as a concept and therefore requires more detailed explanations. A Frequently Asked Questions section is planned to provide high level support. Certain tasks, such as “The Time Portal” require the use of illustrative video content. For example, an explanation of how to produce a letter with invisible ink will be made available as an instructional video.

The explanation videos and help articles should be included in the automatic recommendations (WP6.4). Users will also have the opportunity to write their own articles and help set appropriate explanation videos. The help and documentation system is to be programmed with HTML5 and Java Script. A forum will be developed where parents and teachers can exchange information such as general inquiries about functionality and specific enquiries regarding user generated tasks, messages and content. Urgent support requests will be handled through an instant messenger chat (see WP4.5). For non-critical support requests, we will implement a ticketing system (WP4.4).

Work Package 4.4 – FAQ and Support Ticketing

Here, a ticketing system will be implemented to allows users to send support requests and suggestions. These requests will be sorted by priority and then forwarded to technical personnel.

Work Package 4.5 – Support Chat and Forum

It will offer a chat feature that allows for users to request urgent technical support. This includes a forum in which teachers and parents can share their experiences with “Professor S.” and share ideas about tasks and game history with other users. As part of the teacher game mechanics (WP1.4), a points and level system is also planned, which is designed to encourage users to generate content.

Work Package 4.6 – Language Editor

In this step, a language editor will be developed and programmed, allowing the administrators of the platform to transfer all elements (buttons, menus, texts, modals, etc.) to other languages. This feature will be developed in preparation for the Europe-wide distribution by “Professor S.” Here, we will also provide a function for internationalisation and translation of the platform.

Work Package 4.7 – Online Shop and Administration Support and Trouble Solving

(June 2014 – December 2014) In this step, the functions developed in WP3 will be technically accompanied during the implementation phase. This includes technical support for schools and at home. Problems with design, backend and frontend programming will be documented via online chat or in a support and ticketing system (see also WP4.4), and processed according to priority.

Time schedule WP4: