Work Package 12 – Marketing and Press Work Phase 3

Market Introduction – Staff capacity: 17,27 PM, external labour: 6.800,00 EUR

Goal of the Work Package in Overall Project Context

The goal of the work package is, to strategically introduce the “Professor S.” @Home version as well as the school version to the market. Here, the in activities and measures from work package WP11 will be deepened.

Results as Conclusion of the Work Package

  1. press texts and mailers for phase 3
  2. press clippings of phase 3
  3. statistics and analysis of the online campaign in phase 3

Description of the Work Package

  1. precise analysis of the home market including creation of positioning story under consideration of the educational, consumptional and spare time behavior of the target audience
  2. SWOT-analysis of the home version from the marketing stand point, consequential creation of strategies to minimise weaknesses and to strengthen the market potential, integrated use of means to reach these goals, conception of the brand appearance, media planning and research and refined product introduction and distribution strategy based on these results
  3. creation of press, concept, text and mailer, including mails with designed mailing (HTML)
  4. press work, communication of the official launch of the @Home version, transregional, accompanied by public appearances like panel events
  5. press work: recontacting and coordination of requests like interviews, photos, press releases, including EPKs
  6. continuing of online and social networking campaign
  7. creation of a press clippings collection (analogue/digital)
  8. coordination of phase 3, ongoing alteration of the created strategies based on market events

External Labour

Paul Karopka – Actor Professor S.: 800,00
NN – SEO: 6.000,00

Work Package 12.1 – Preparation of the @Home Version Release

In this step, the marketing campaign for the release of “Professor S.” @Home platform will be prepared. This includes the creation of press, concept, text and mailers, including designed Emails (HTML) and the creation of a social media marketing strategy.

Work Package 12.2 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) @Home

Here, search engine optimization in preparation of the release of the @Home version will be conducted.

Work Package 12.3 – Press Work in the Holiday Period

Here, SEO will be applied in preparation of the release of the @Home version.

Work Package 12.4 – Phase 3 of Social Media and Community Management

Conducting of social media campaign based on the main points from WP12.1

Work Package 12.5 – Convention Planning for the Year 2015

In this step, convention activities for the year 2015 will be planned.

Work Package 12.6 – Press Work in the Post Holiday Period

Important editors will be recontacted by telephone, with a focus on the main points defined in WP12.1 and results from the press clippings of the holiday period.

Work Package 12.7 – Preparation of Online Educa Convention

Here, the convention appearance of “Professor S.” at the Online Educa Convention will be organised and prepared.

Work Package 12.8 – Appearance and Post Treatment of Online Educa Convention (Milestone)

In this step, the convention appearance will be carried out. This includes staff at the booth as well as appearances and presentations during the convention. Also, the contacts and clients from the convention will be evaluated and processed.

Time schedule WP12: