Work Package 10 – Marketing and Press Work Phase 1

Market Introduction – Staff capacity: 16,52 PM, external labour: 10.792,00 EUR

Goal of the Work Package in Overall Project Context

The goal of the work package is the planning, design and protection of the brand “Professor S.”

Results as Conclusion of the Work Package

  1. usable Corporate Identity (CI) for “Professor S.”
  2. functional market introduction plan
  3. completed registration of the brand “Professor S.”
  4. press texts and press mailer for phase 1
  5. press clippings from phase 1
  6. statistics and analysis of the online campaign

Description of the Work Package

The establishment of “Professor S.” requires not only a Corporate Identity but also a well-structured plan to introduce the game to the German market and also to secure rights to the brand. Here, a strategy will be worked out, along with a time schedule as well as the planning of a press campaign and public appearances. Simultaneously, contacts with additional elementary schools in Berlin, Brandenburg, Thüringen, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt will be made and add to our existing, expanding network. Further public relations work will be made through online blogs, educational message boards/forums and social networks.

External Labour

Mario Fischer – Media consultant for MDM districts, first information phase: 10.828,00

Work Package 10.1 – Development of a Brand Identity (CI) for “Professor S.”

The recognizability of “Professor S.” with the target audience is the main subjective. Color, font, layout and appearance of “Professor S.” will be worked out and documented in a brand manual. Subsequently, individual elements of market identity will be protected by brand registrations across Europe.

Work Package 10.2 – Creation of a Requirement Catalogue with Attributes of Service for Teasers and Info Trailers

Based on the principles from WP10.1, it will be determined which information, audiovisual content and texts will be used for teasers and trailers.

Work Package 10.3 – Creation of a Publication List

In this step, the press campaign will be planned in terms of content and schedule. This includes:

  1. list of publications and journalists that will be contacted
  2. creation of a time schedule for press work (Who will be provided with what informations in what order?)
  3. planning of online campaign

Work Package 10.4 – Preparation of Conventions, Development of a Strategy for Conventions 2014

  1. creation of conventions plan/calendar
  2. reprocessing and design of convention appearance
  3. planning of convention appearance including giveaways and informational material
  4. planning of the convention booth
  5. planning of the press work during the conventions

Work Package 10.5 – Contacting of Elementary Schools in Berlin, Brandenburg, Thüringen, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

In this step, the existing network of elementary schools will be extended. The plan is to do expansions in and to Berlin, Brandenburg, Thüringen, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Through meetings with acquainted school principals and teachers, personal recommendations and contacts to other teachers and school administrations will be created. At the newly contacted schools, “Professor S.” will be presented and introduced in meetings.

Work Package 10.6 – Planning and Phase 1 – Social Media Maintenance/Community Management

Here, new contacts will be created through internet forums, newsgroups and social networks. Through these channels, informations and news about the project will be released. A dialogue with potential new clients will be started and maintained.

Time schedule WP10: