The Team

Jan von Meppen – CEO

Jan developed the original concept for LudInc and the ideas for „Professor S.“ in May 2009 and shortly thereafter created a game prototype with the support of the Mark Twain School in Berlin. LudInc draws on all skills Jan offers as a composer and philosopher with a keen interest for new and unusual gaming and technology applications. Jan studied Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the University of Oxford. Prior to founding LudInc, Jan worked as Senior Account Manager at Harley-Davidson Europe and as a freelance producer and composer for television productions. Until 2011, he was Commercial Director at VODO.

David Lütke – Marketing and Editorial

David is a trained visual media designer and writer. During his studies of literature in Tübingen and California, he concentrated on both journalistic and creative writing. Working at the Berlin-based agency muehlhausmoers introduced him to the field of corporate publishing and the professional production of customer magazines. He self-publishes the literary magazines War Paint and ESELSOHR.

Fee Krämer – Development of Educational Content

Fee Krämer finished her teacher studies at Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg in 2009. She spent her traineeship at Minneburgschule Neckargerach and finished her education successfully with the second state exam. She has multi-faceted editorial experience in the area of children’s media, through internships at ZDF (“Löwenzahn”), practical training in the editorial team for media at Cornelsen school book publishing and the work group for children’s books of the academy for children’s media.

Stefan Moors – Media Consultant

Stefan is currently still studying Sports Management in Leipzig. His experiences in the field of active youth work lead him to LudInc. Since late 2013, he supports the participating elementary schools in Berlin during their game play process. Together with Jacob Thein, he is responsible for the technical appliances required during the game. At the same time, the media consultants form the link between the schools and LudInc. Stefan is convinced of the impact new media and exciting storytelling have on learning.

Ruben der Kinderen – UX Design/Hardware Design

Ruben der Kinderen is a graduate of the renowned Design Akademie Eindhoven and has his studio in Berlin. During his studies, he worked for various design firms, like DRIFT (Amsterdam), where he drafted a multi-faceted installation for DRIFT’s fragile future product series, or Van Der Veer Design, where he worked on drafts for products headed for mass production. Aside from his focus on product design (draft to production of the prototype), Ruben also works as UX designer, for example for Smart Cuisine

Alejandro Etchandía – Frontend Developer

Alejandro had an early fascination with new media. In Bogotá, in his home country Colombia, he studied System Engineering, followed by a master’s degree in Multi Media. He went on working on installation games, focussing on the real-time translation of body movements to visual signals. After his move to Berlin, Alejandro worked at Wendelburg agency and now develops at LudInc.

Philipp Hofmann – Backend Developer

Philipp‘s passion for nerdy electronic music lead him into the world of music promotion a few years ago. He worked for the Los Angeles-based record label Plug Research and went on to start his own business, representing renowned artists. At Berlin‘s HTW Oberschöneweide, he studied media computer science and now devotes most of his time to the web application framework Ruby on Rails.

Nuno Rocha – Project Engineer/Hardware Development and Programming

Nuno Rocha is hardware and software engineer and has many years of experience with Assembly, Fortran, C++, Lisp an MySQL in the area of backend as well as Javascript, HTML and CSS in the area of frontend. Nuno has done analytical programming work for Banco Português de Investimento in Lisbon. He has developed a mobile marketing platform for Grupo Chiado & NZ Mobile in Portugal. Since 2011, Nuno is working on the development of a CAD simulation for mobile robots on the Arduino platform in Berlin. Nuno has a master’s degree in Complexity Sciences with a focus on artifical intelligence algorithms, especially neural networks, genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization.

Roshanak Behesht Nedjad – COO

Roshanak’s career began in the film industry, organising film festivals, workshops and freelancing for various TV programmes. Then, she started producing award-winning films. Focussing on international productions, one of her specialities is children’s and youth films. Her film “32A” premiered at the Berlinale Generations section and won the Award for Best Irish Feature and Best Irish Script. “Football Under Cover” won the Prix Europe Iris and the Berlinale Audience Award. Roshanak is an expert and consultant for various institutions and training organisations such as MEDIA International, EAVE, Torino Film Lab, Focal and the Academy for Children’s Media in Germany. Furthermore, she is a member of the German and European Film Academy and an EAVE group leader. She joined Ludinc in 2012 with a focus on developing the business.

Frieder Klapp – Head of Education Development

Frieder has been a primary school teacher in Berlin since 1976. He is the head of the new media and computer assisted learning department at the Mark Twain School in Berlin. As early as 1994 he began to integrate computers into the learning process. He continued to expand this activity through participation in national and international competitions and media projects. In 1998 he founded the Network for New Media in Berlin. From 1999 to 2003 Frieder was a member of SEMIK – a federal initiative for educational planning around the project “FormelG”, a continuing education programme for the development of new learning practices in primary schools, applying new media teaching in the classroom. During this time and beyond he was a moderator for various federal continuing education initiatives concerning new media.

Ulrike Küchler – Development of Educational Content

Following her studies of literature in Germany, the United States and Great Britain, Ulrike started teaching in a variety of areas: music, media education, German as a foreign language and European literature. She is especially interested by the versatile ways in which new media can be incorporated into class, in order to bring across certain themes and concepts. Ulrike has successfully contributed to different projects and publications about media culture and technical history. She brings experience in text and media design, both online and offline.

Mario Fischer – Media Consultant/Content Development

Mario Fischer was born 1971 in Halle/Saale. Following his high school graduation, he completed his apprenticeship as bank business management assistant. After a 6-month-long stay abroad in the US, he started studying chemistry at Martin Luther University in Halle. Later, he switched majors to philosophie with minors in media science and English studies. In 1999, he started working for Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH. He was part in the construction of the MDM in their structural and contentual development. Especially the segment of Multimedia/Games was built and continually developed by him. Furthermore, he oversaw the segments of script funding and junior/debut film funding. Since December 2011, he is active as freelance subject developer, lector and dramaturg.

Agnieszka Michalska – Web Design/Illustrations

Agnieszka graduated from The Polish National Film School. Her theoretical background and practical skills as a graphic designer have led her to work with various types of media. Agnieszka has a passion for motion design and interaction, drawing and animation but also programming. Besides that, she is practicing photography, as a hobby and also as input for her professional work. She has experience co-creating global interactive campaigns, having worked at Warsaw-based agencies like Publicis or DDB.

Daniel Nekat – Server Administrator

Daniel Nekat has been working as server administrator at LudInc, since December 2011. Daniel is specialized for Linux server applications in the school sector. He also works as server specialist at SBE, an IT company focussing on development of server solutions for the school sector.

Roswitha Möhricke – Accounting

Roswitha Möhricke is trained business management assistant. From 1996 to 1997, she completed advanced accountant training at Institut für Technische Weiterbildung in Berlin. She is responsible for payroll and finances accounts as well as the ongoing controlling. With her, it is possible to continuously and reliable keep both the bookkeeping and project management under one roof. The controlling will not be delegated but there is the possibility to quickly and reliably access business relevant data.