2.2 Innovation and Technology

Professor S. – The Game

“Professor S.” is the first learning game for “Web 3.0″ in the world. Currently, there is no comparable product on the market. What makes “Professor S.” special and distinguishes it from other learning games is the fact that most tasks are not solved on the computer, but in fact lead away from the computer into the real world.

LudInc games and hardware products are controlled through a web server. The scalability of our products therefore rely on the solidity of the underlying technology and features:

2.2.1 Current State of Technology

In the last development phase, we have already developed some of the platform elements and content for the alpha version. You can access the alpha version through the links below.

Login Frontend

Teacher Panel

Student Panel

Platform backend and frontend:
An alpha version of the platform was developed on the SilverStripe framework in PHP with a SilverStripe CMS and the basic functions of the platform were tested in class. The platform has three access levels – students, teachers and administrators. Through these links, you can access the demo version. Please note that only mock messages and content are visible so far.

Task and message content:
Task and message content was developed and tested in class. Teachers also uploaded their own tasks onto the platform and sent their own messages to the children.

Film content:
”Professor S.” episodes were produced around the curriculum of the fourth grade. Between 2009 and 2012,  a total of 38 episodes with an average running time of one minute each was produced.